Valentine’s Day Look: Treat Yourself!

Happy V Day!💕 I decided to go for a playful, cheeky Valentine’s Day look. This past month has been a whirlwind of BS, so I just wanted to lighten things up!

And so keeping true to my self-care theme of 2017, I decided to spoil myself for Valentine’s day! To celebrate, I will be:

  • Getting some self affirmations in throughout the day
  • Taking my time to stop and smell the roses, have my cake and eat it, too, etc.
  • Speaking of cake; eating 5 star meals for every course of the day (and have the bf tag along for dinner 😉)
  • Binge watching Taboo (hullo, TOM HARDY)
  • Ending the day with a bomb Glossier masking session (see what I’m talking about here)

Valentine's Day Look
Valentine's Day Look Valentine's Day Look Valentine's Day Look
I scored big with this Forever 21 zip-up mini skirt. Lately they’ve been killing it with the faux leather pieces! It’s so stinking cute, I can’t get over it. The star detail is what really sold me. The stars are embossed-stitched (is that a thing?). Either way, I love it!

Valentine's Day Look

Motel Rocks Dump Him Tee / Forever 21 Zip-Up Mini Skirt

I wanted to keep things light and darling for my Valentine’s Day look. Not everything has to revolve around a boy, or a relationship, for that matter. Sometimes it’s better to just smile, put on your favorite tee & treat yourself!

Shop the Valentine’s Day look here, lovers:

I hope your Valentine’s Day is stress-free, has no expectations, and you’re surrounded by the people you love!
xo sig

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